why I love Mondays

Every Monday, I dress in jeans and a tshirt and I play with mud for two hours. I also drink coffee, black, with sugar… only the teacher doesn’t have spoons, so all the sugar sinks to the bottom and I get it all at once. Never again will I drink black coffee again without thinking of that classroom and the dusty smell and the slippery, gritty clay, and the funky mugs that I handle with muddy fingers. Last week our teacher ran home and got his bodum coffee press and starbucks coffee, and made it for whoever wanted some. That was even better! I’m getting to like guys that carry starbucks coffee mugs, and wear leather, and have clean hands… even wearing loafers and knowing stuff about making ceramics is ok by me, but I absolutely draw the line at guys who wear pink, use umbrellas, and drink tea. So there.

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