my poetry


Lord, when no one else will touch my crushed and broken heart,

when all turn their eyes from my tears and gladly pass me by,

thou my Love ever watching, see me curled and tight in pain

Thou the only One who wholly takes me trembling in thy arms.

knowing my wounds , yea, feeling them with me, thou only love-

the heart of my Creator yearns with healing, dropping tears.

Lord, love me so deeply that I will know no desire but eternity.

in your complete embrace sanctuary me, so that no pain will reach me,

No sting touch me, without first piercing through thy tender heart.



Tag. I’m it.

Holy fingers brush me

In love, the endless chase

Of chosen and divine.

Angels watch and wonder

As mortal chases immortality

And feeble fingers reach

the fleeing majesty.

Tag. He’s it.



The rain floods down, and wetness descends on everything.

I am here, in my house, I am safe, dry, comfortable.

i hear joy screaming, dancing, flinging in puddles

but i am here. I must not get wet. They are so happy,

see them forget to be prim? sandals shoved aside

and hair flowing raindrops. How silly. I am here.

can’t you see it is raining? why shouldn’t rain shower you?

somehow, i forget my umbrella and go outside.

Rain ravishes me. I dance in the deepest puddle.



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