my testimony

With tender love He broke the chain, removing all the bonds

That held me in their tightened grip for many years, and long;

I never knew the darkness that my soul was prisoned in,

Until His gracious Hand reached down and saved me from my sin;

Then bursting forth from mighty self, that never would let go,

I praised the God who set me free because He loved me so.

My guilt is gone, my heart is His, my soul is singing free-

Oh God of light and freedom, You are everything to me!


1 thought on “my testimony

  1. Your writings are compelling and I relate! Even though I am old enough to be your mom! I am JUST beginning to start my wordpress blog; it is really not ready for anyone to look at yet; I have a lot to learn. I did want to thank you for your transparency and love for God. I know He will use your art to glorify Him in many ways – mostly unexpected from my own experience. As I learned in AA, one day at a time, try not to be overwhelmed by the weeks ahead. Often it is one hour at a time; I just remind myself “do the next thing.” I learned that from Elisabeth Elliott’s writings years ago. Do your art, enjoy God’s love for you.

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