the fantasy epidemic of my era

I’ve just been thinking that this era of people, mostly young but including middle aged people too, is entirely taken up with fantasy worlds. Maybe it started with the computer? I don’t know. but consider it- the 3D worlds in Wii & other computer games, the virtual network of facebook, the giant wishlist of pinterest, the madness over fantasy literature like the Hunger Games and Twilight and all movies in general – we don’t go out and do things anymore. We stay in and escape from this world into another one…. ironically, that one usually has even more problems than ours does, it’s just that we have more control over it. I first became aware of this epidemic when I felt its work on me. I wanted to create something – I had a that creative turn of mood that comes onto me every once in awhile. But did I? No, I sat down and watched two murder mysteries. Out of this world for a blissful hour and a half… into another one. Strange. I need to teach myself to pursue art, love, hiking, stargazing, and all those lovely things that require me to be entirely engaged in this world and realizing that I am a person that affects my own reality and that of all those around me. This isn’t a game, or a bad dream to escape from. I only have one life, and I refuse to waste it escaping from reality.


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