in which my art teacher scares me to death

Today after one of our art finals, the teacher gave us what he called “his speech.” Basically, he told us that we had to have enough of a passion for art to really, really work at it, because it wouldn’t be easy. We had to know what we wanted and be good at it, or, in his words, “the art world will chew you up and spit you out.” He rather scolded some of us for not giving our best or working at a college level. After he said “have a good summer” and we left, some of the students were happy that they wouldn’t have to see that teacher for three months… I think we were all intimidated and a little scared that we wouldn’t make it through the rest of our college career. Maybe some of them will change their major to business admin or humanities. Me? I am scared to death and have added a bunch of things to my “to do in order to be a professional artist” list. I do know, however, that God has made me an artist. I know how it feels to be so overwhelmed by beauty, that it results in a sort of sickness- a throbbing pain in the heart. I know the pressure of pent up self-expression and also the impatience of putting it all aside. I will not give up… I will give it my best!


3 thoughts on “in which my art teacher scares me to death

  1. i just want you to know this: to be able to be an artist, is, a God given talent and its more than working at a college level. i think a better way to put it is that you must have the ability to completely focus on that which you are trying to create. My father was an artist and i have created a blog to honor the memory of my father’s art and his life. My dad also taught many many students and i am sorry to say he scared all of them. some of those poor folks cried after his critiques , i, being one of them. he was a painter and he allowed me to take a workshop with him, i nearly had a nervous break down. he made me scrape my drawing off of my canvas so many times. it was horrible! He was short tempered, he yelled, screamed and became so aggravated with his students not because they didnt have talent but because he saw so much potential in them, he really wanted them to be better than they were. if he didnt feel that his students improved with his teaching he felt as if he failed. art is emotion in a visual sense. if you feel as strongly as you do about art, i believe you when you say that ‘you know God has made you an artist’!!!you must draw every day and focus.really look at what you are drawing and draw from real life, draw what is in front of you. have a few of my father’s note books and he would draw feet, hands, people sitting on the train, people sitting on the airplane, glasses cups fruit, dogs, cats, pigs sketches of just about everything you could possibly imagine! i wish you all the best and hope i have not offended you because that was not my intention.
    kind regards,

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