my views on dating…

Tonight I found out that I don’t even want to date. My roommates threatened to “set me up” with a premed major named Phil who “is really nice.” My excuse for refusing? I didn’t give one- just said I didn’t want to, thank you very much. Later I realized how deep my convictions had become without me knowing it. Because I believe that God has promised me that He will clearly show me the right man, I have decided to just wait. What’s wrong with dating? Nothing… but I know that God has a different plan for me. I know most people my age would consider me warped. [“How are you ever going to get married if you won’t date?”] etc. etc. You know what? This isn’t a gamble. My future marriage is in God’s hands just like my future career is and everything else about my life… and I am committed to leaving it there.

3 thoughts on “my views on dating…

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