psyche of a college kid

For a person like me who enjoys studying personalities & psychology like issues,  a college campus with thousands of people has a lot of potential.  Often I laugh at what I see… they are just away from home, but living it up and determined and putting up facades.  Sometimes I feel sorry for them- there is something pathetic in putting so many kids in one spot. That’s what they are, really… in spite of their exaggerated freedom, they are just kids who have just been let loose on the jungle gym. Though no two are alike, they all have a sense of restlessness. They know what they want and are afraid they will never get it, but are working so hard for their dreams.

2 thoughts on “psyche of a college kid

  1. I’m attending a college, but it’s distance learning, so I’ve never had the typical ‘college experience’. But I study almost everyday at coffee shops, and like you, I enjoy studying people. It’s interesting to observe and analyze how different people act. But what I find to be most interesting, is that what you described here, in this post, is pretty much how I would describe most of the people I’ve observed in the coffee shops. Makes me think of how life, for most, might seem like a huge jungle gym.

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