in which i long for a nunnery

I have been pondering the benefits of life in a nunnery. Nothing would matter there except God. I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair or my face or my clothes or technology or personality. I could just be alone and very quiet and devoted, and learn the things that matter from God Himself… and then I would probably begin dreaming of all the stuff I left behind, because I am human and wouldn’t like asceticism forever- only as long as the last good meal filled me. Maybe there is a happy medium? just a simple, lone life with the things that really matter to me and God, and not the crushing influence of whatever other people want me to be or what they want me to spend my money on. How about a studio of my own with a cat and an espresso machine, and lots of books and movies and selfishness galore? ugh! I am so sick of my own humanity!

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