the college game

Sometimes I get the feeling that college is a game, especially when I’m at work. I restock cups, clean up stuff, and run back and forth all so that the little students can play their giant campus wide game… let’s see who can be the best dressed with the most expensive and varied collection of accessories. Let’s see who can impress the most people with their conversation and their past life. Whoever graduates with the most facebook friends and the hunkiest fiancé wins.

Most often, I don’t feel like I’m even a part of the game. I’m not rich or pretty enough to even enter. I just rush from classes to work to bed, and back again… sweating my way to a degree, because God wants me to. Even my art doesn’t enter the competition here- if I prayed to be humbled, God certainly answered.

And then I remember that I am not here for myself. Dear God, how often I forget! I am here to learn how to make art for God, not to make a million facebook friends and impress my peers.  It’s like the picture I have posted by my bunk that says, “no one and nothing can make me truly happy apart from God.” True words.

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